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Exam Prep

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Board-Style Question Bank

Dive into a robust collection of over 200 COMLEX-style questions, meticulously crafted to mirror the rigors and format of the actual exam. Our question bank isn’t just a testing tool—it’s a comprehensive learning experience designed to bolster your understanding of osteopathic medicine principles. Each question is a stepping stone towards mastery, accompanied by detailed explanations that not only clarify the correct answers but also elucidate the reasoning behind them.

Personalized ERAS Application Review

Navigating through the ERAS application process can be intricate and challenging, but with Remedy OMM by your side, you’re not alone. Our personalized consultation service is meticulously designed to provide you with detailed, insightful, and actionable advice tailored to your unique profile and aspirations. Driven by extensive experience and a deep understanding of the residency application landscape, we don’t just review—we empower you to present your best self to residency programs.

Free Lectures Online

Explore the intricacies of osteopathic principles with our accessible and expertly crafted lectures, available to all on our YouTube channel. Tailored for both novice and seasoned medical students, our content demystifies complex topics, offering clear, concise insights to enhance your learning journey. Subscribe to Remedy OMM on YouTube and unlock a resource that supports your educational endeavors in osteopathic medicine, wherever you are, whenever you desire.

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I just started med school., and I'm already finding your videos really helpful
Kole Nikprelaj
Medical Student
Great content. Thank you for simplifying a complicated topic. Keep up the good work!
Medical student
Mate you have no idea how simple you made it. Well done. That cleared it up amazingly for me.
Robbie Edwards
Medical student